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Image by Nong V

Sheila Yasmin Marikar

Image by Roberto Nickson

Your 3 Day
Puglian Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting region of Puglia.


Experience three extraordinary days filled with breathtaking destinations and moments to treasure. Begin by immersing yourself in the sun-kissed paradise of Cala Maka Beach Club, where pristine sands and turquoise waters await.


Continue your adventure to the exquisite Gabo Gia in Ostuni, a hidden gem where art, culture, and culinary delights converge.


Finally, indulge in the breathtaking views from Don Ferrante's Terrace, perched on the cliffs of Monopoli, where history and tranquility intertwine.


Join us as we unveil the magic of Puglia, where unforgettable memories are waiting to be made.

Your Trip Plan


Tuesday 11 July:
Cala Maka Beach Club



Unwind in paradise at Cala Maka Beach Club. Sink your toes into the soft sand, bask in the azure waters, and soak up the sun's warm embrace. Treat yourself to refreshing drinks and delectable bites from the beachside bar. This idyllic oasis is the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate.


Wednesday 12 July:
Gabo Gia - Ostuni


Discover the artistic allure of Gabo Gia in Ostuni. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets as you wander towards this hidden gem. Immerse yourself in a world where contemporary art meets traditional charm. Feast your eyes on captivating exhibits and indulge in a culinary journey that showcases the flavors of Puglia. Gabo Gia promises an evening of cultural enrichment and culinary delights.


Thursday 13th July:
Don Ferrante's Terrace


Ascend to new heights of serenity at Don Ferrante's Terrace in Monopoli. Drink in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea as the sun sets on the horizon. Enjoy a culinary experience that showcases the best of Puglian cuisine, expertly prepared by skilled chefs. Let the enchanting ambiance and panoramic vistas create an unforgettable evening.


Cala Maka Beds

*PAID 11/07/2023*

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Concierge Fee

*PAID 11/07/2023*

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